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Central Florida D-Star Repeaters

443.13750MHz +5.000 - 1291.30000MHz -20.000 - 1251.30000MHz(Data) Located in Christmas
443.62500MHz +5.000 Located in Orlando near Fashion Sqaure Mall
442.00000MHz +5.000 Located at Walt Disney World
145.29000MHz -0.600 Located in Orlando
443.87500MHz +5.000 Located in The Villages
146.65500MHz -0.600 - 444.77500MHz +5.000 - 1293.55000MHz -20.000 - 1253.45000MHz(Data) Located in Lakeland
147.20000MHz +0.600 - 442.02500MHz +5.000 - 1292.10000MHz -12.000 - 1251.40000MHz(Data) Located in Plant City
444.50000MHz +5.000 Located in Tavares
147.03000MHz +0.600 Located in Cocoa

Note about repeater list

Placing your mouse over the repeater name will show you the settings for that repeater.

Clicking on a repeater name will take you to the repeater status page if there is one.

Repeater status pages are sometimes https: sites rather than http: sites, including W4PLB on the left. You may be asked to verify and save the security certificate. Please do so, they are safe. They are LINUX servers. If you see a security error in the box for W4PLB on the left. Visit the site directly by typing directly into your browser navigation bar, accept and save the security exception and from then on this page will display W4PLB status properly.

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