Ham Videos

There are many more Ham Radio videos on You Tube.

An introduction to Ham Radio by Walter Cronkite, one of the greatest television journalists of all time and an avid Ham. Mr. Cronkite is referred to by Hams as a "Silent Key" (SK) as he passed away a short time after making this video.

A very good introduction to Ham Radio. This is 20 minutes, but really covers everything to get you started.

Inside the International Space Station, Expedition 25 commander Doug Wheelock gave a tour of the Russian segment of the orbiting complex, including the Soyuz spacecraft docked there. Wheelock showed off the station's HAM radio, using the call sign "NA1SS," to talk with people on the ground as the station flies overhead at 17,500 miles per hour.

Amateur Radio licenses are UP! More people are recognizing that cell & land based phones will NOT be working during a disaster. When All Else Fails, Amateur Radio!

N7TFP demonstrates what equipment would be considered very important to have in any amateur radio station.

Want to get some wire into the air in 10 minutes or less? It's pretty easy. Cut, solder, tie it off. See how! From TenTec.

PL-259 Installation Made Easy for RG8X.From TenTec.

Don't throw those rabbit ears away. Use them on 2 meter.

This may be the easiest, least expensive antenna launcher you can build. It took less than 30 minutes to build and under $15 if you had to buy everything new! Easy to use and works great.

Learn how dipole and inverted V antennas work and how to build an hf antenna. Includes tips for construction, mounting and tuning.

How to build a ham radio tri-band 6 meter, 2 meter & 70 cm yagi beam antenna using an old TV antenna for parts. A simple design using dipole driven elements. This is a 9 part project. We are posting the first installment search on You Tube for zerozedzed and you will find the rest.